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Mailing address:

210 N Kansas Ave, Suite 5
Ellsworth, KS  67439


Shelby Soukup, email:

Susan Roudybush

Mindy Lemieux

Geneva L Schneider took office
as the Ellsworth
Treasurer in 2007.

Geneva can be reached directly via email at

Here are a few more ways to contact us:

Office email:

Phone: 785-472-4152
Fax: 785-472-3818

 Office hours by transaction type:

*Motor Vehicle Transactions and Tax Payments: Monday-Friday from 8 am to 4:30 pm
*Commercial Vehicle Transaction: Monday-Friday from 8 am to 4:30 pm, but please call before stopping by
*Driver's License: Tuesday-Friday from 8 am to 4:30 pm
      Simple Kansas renewals, No CDL renewals
      Every driver's license transaction requires proof of residency, such as a utility bill, bank statement, rental contracts
      We only accept original documents, no photo copies
      Birth Certificates and Marriage Certificates must be official, State issued documents
      We cannot change your address if you are a registered offender, have a concealed carry permit, or a CDL
      We cannot process applicant who have foreign documents
      Driver's License fee chart
      For information on Real ID, click on this brochure

Payment methods accepted in our office:
     *Credit/Debit cards (customer pays 2.5% convenience fee)

Online Payment of Property Taxes

Through a partnership with and the Kansas County Treasurers Association (KCTA) , the Ellsworth County Treasurers Office offers citizens the ability for online payment of property taxes. Citizens can go to and select (Ellsworth County). Simply follow the instructions on the screen. Two payment options, credit card or electronic check are available. This service allows for 24 x 7 secure payment access from any internet connection.

The Kansas Department of Revenue has a new smart phone app that has a lot of great information on it.
With this app, you can:
Find a DL Office
Find a Treasurer's Office
Check the Status of your DL being mailed
Check to see if your vehicle insurance is on the State's System
Take Practice Driving Exams
Download Driving Handbooks
Online Address Change
Order your Driving Record
Check the Status of a Suspended DL
To get the App, go to or look for Kansas Vehicle Connect in your App Store.

Helpful Links

Access Kansas Official State Website
Drivers License Status Check
Kansas Vital Statistics
Reprint Vehicle Renewal Forms
Commercial Vehicle Resource
Organ Donation Info 
Ignition Interlock Device Installation

Helpful Forms  for your 2017-2018 IRS 2290



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