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Ellsworth County Health Department

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We have Covid vaccines available

(Moderna & Pfizer)

Please call us at  785-472-4488

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Location Staff
1603 Aylward Avenue
Ellsworth, KS. 67439

PH: 785-472-4488

Fax: 785-472-4489
Hours: Mon-Fri. 8AM-5PM
Emergency Contact after hours: 785-531-0614
Kerianne Ehrlich, RN, Administrator
Emily Bettenbrock, RN
Lenora Henderson, Office Assistant/Biller


Services Provided In Office Maternal & Infant Program
  1. Immunizations- Infant thru Adult
  2. Allergy Injections with physician order
  3. Blood Pressure Check
  4. Lab Testing - Blood Sugar, Cholesterol-Lipid Profile, Hemoglobin, Urinalysis, PSA and other lab tests with physician order
  5. Weight and Height Checks
  6. Physical Exam and Assessment
  7. Developmental Screening
  8. Vision Screening
  9. Hearing Screening and Tympanogram
  10. Foot Care
  11. TB Skin Test
  12. Flu Shots
  1. Provide support, education & counseling By RN to first-time Moms
  2. Post Partum visits to mother and child
  3. Healthy Start Home Visitor Program


Early Detection Works  
  1. This program pay for breast and cervical cancer screenings for women who:

    a. Are 40 to 64 years old. Women under age 40 with breast or cervical health concerns should call us or the toll-free number 1-877-277-1368 to find out what resources are available.

    b. Do not have insurance.

    c. Have a specific income or less (before taxes)

    Household Size              Annual Maximum             Monthly Maximum
         1                                        $36,450                              $3,038
         2                                        $49,300                              $4,108
         3                                        $62,150                              $5,179
         4                                        $75,000                              $6,250
         5                                        $87,850                              $7,321
         6                                        $100,700                            $8,392
         7                                        $113,550                            $9,463
         8                                        $126,400                            $10,533



Women's Health Assessment Home Health Services - Self Pay
  1. Includes Pap smear (as indicated), blood pressure, blood glucose, urinalysis, hemoglobin & breast exam.
  2. We use liquid based Pap Smear tests which are more accurate than the conventional Paps. Most OB/ GYN'S prefer these tests.
  1. Med Setup
  2. In-Home Baths
  3. In-Home Trim Toenails


Reproductive Life Plan  
  1. Choice of contraceptive method as available. (Fee based on sliding scale)
  2. Pregnancy Testing & Counseling
  3. Exam (as indicated)
  4. STI testing
  5. Opt out HIV testing


WIC Program Health Screening Clinics
  1. Supplemental food program for pregnant, delivered or breastfeeding women, infants, and children up to the age of five years

USDA Prohibits discrimination in the administration of its programs. 
To file a complaint call




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