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Real Estate & Personal Property Taxes

Tax bills are mailed out in November of each year. The first half of taxes are due December 20th and
the second half is due May 10th the following year.

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For Questions Regarding:
Real Estate Value or the Neighborhood Revitalization Program,
contact Nancy Hysong at 785-472-3165 or email

Personal Property or oil & gas, contact Marie at 785-472-3165 or

Online Payment of Property Taxes
Taxpayers can go to and select (Ellsworth County). Simply follow the instructions on 

the screen. Two payment options, credit card or electronic check are available. This service allows for 24/7 secure
payment access from any Internet connection. Payments cannot be made online if it is past the due date.

Information on Tax Lien Sale Overpayments
Ellsworth County last held a tax lien sale in October of 2019. The starting bid for each property was one dollar.

Two properties sold for amounts that would pay the taxes with an overage. The overage in the amount of 
$3,066.81 was awarded back to the property owner by court order. The overage of $466.48 was sent to the
State of Kansas, Unclaimed Property Division February 12, 2020. 

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