212 North Kansas
Ellsworth, Kansas 67439
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Welcome to the Ellsworth County Sheriff's Office through the Internet! The Ellsworth County Sheriff's office consists of 8 swarn officers, 4 corrections officers, 4 dispatchers, and 2 part-time dispatchers.The dispatch center handles telephone, radio, and 911 lines for all law enforcement agencies working in the county, the Ellsworth County Ambulance, and the city and rural fire departments throughout the county.

Ellsworth County deputies are responsible for covering approximately 720 square miles which includes I-70, K-156, K-14, K-4 and K-140 highways. This also includes both the state and federal ground around Kanopolis Lake. Some of the duties of the deputies are working traffic accidents, criminal investigations, serving civil process, executing warrants, and assisting 4 small communities with their law enforcement coverage. Sheriff's deputies also assist the City of Ellsworth Police Department when requested.

The Ellsworth County Jail was finished in 1981 with a bed capacity of 12 plus a detox cell. To save on housing inmates outside of Ellsworth County we purchased 6 metal bunks to place inside the jail for a total capacity of 19 beds. We average 14 inmates in custody per day.

Tracy L. Ploutz, Sheriff

Racial Profilling Policy, Procedure & Reporting